Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

So, I obviously have not been very good at keeping up on the blog, but at least I can wish everyone a Merry Christmas and put up some recent pictures for you to enjoy (if anyone is even still checking this since it's been so long since I've posted anything) :) This year we have been trying to emphasize the fact to Sean Jr (Ezra's a bit young) that the reason we give presents on Christmas is because God gave Jesus to us - the greatest present ever! Thank you, God!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gidget and other fun things!!

My friend, Nicole, has a really cool new blog where she is sharing all kinds of advice, info, and tips. She is having a giveaway now of some super cute gifts as she starts up her etsy store. GO check it out at and you could win!!

Other fun things are that Ezra is almost 1 now!!!! (at the end of the month)He is WALKING!!! He still reverts to crawling when he wants to, but he's standing up from the ground and choosing to walk on his own with his arms straight up in the air :) He is also a mischeivious little guy - climbing, opening, lifting, tipping over, and getting into EVERYTHING!!! He has his big brother to wrestle with and wants to be doing whatever he is. Sean Jr is loving "helping" daddy work on the backyard - playing in the dirt pile and hammering pieces of concrete. He loves to pretend with his toys or pretend that he himself is an animal, movie character, or someone we know. We are enjoying our house and making it a home.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adventures in Daley-ness

The biggest adventure in the last month is that we bought a HOUSE!!!! Along with that we have a now "cruising" and crawling-like-crazy baby and a bundle-of-energy 3 yr old. We've been working on our house when we can - painting, cleaning, recovering chairs, building shelves, fixing screens, ordering blinds, buying all kinds of fun things :) We've also been taking walks to the park, going to the zoo, hanging out with friends, having grandparents here to help, and all the other normal everyday things we do. Oh, also, Ezra got his first hair cut (he had a very long piece on the top/back). Here are a couple pictures and more will hopefully come soon :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

7 Months Old!

Here are the 7 month doggy pictures I promised:

As you can see, now that he can roll and scooch it's not so easy to get the picture :)
I wanted to put up more videos, but I don't think it's working (worked on preview, but when I viewed the blog I couldn't see it) - sorry about that.
Here are a couple more pics to enjoy instead :)


Here is Ezra enjoying some home-made baby food (yea for me :)) - it's so cute the way he "talks" while he's eating now - it sounds like he's saying "num, num, num!" I think it's pears that he's eating in the video.

More videos to come soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Things are about to get interesting

At 7 months old, Ezra has started scooching (is that a word?) forward now!!! It's sort of like the "army crawl" but he uses both arms at once under him and pushes with his feet and pulls himself forward. He'll be crawling full force very soon - I can feel it :) So, we've begun re-baby-proofing. It's fun to watch him see a toy and go after it - and he's eager to be doing what his big brother is doing too. They have so much fun making each other laugh! Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment (7 month doggy picture coming soon!)

Also, a couple weeks ago, my brother and his family were here from Colorado and we had so much fun!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun, fun, fun!

So last weekend I went away with my moms group to a hotel in Costa Mesa for an overnight getaway! It was called "Beauty of Simplicity" and there was a "black dress" dinner and raffles and games and food and all kinds of girly relaxing. It was wonderful! Sean was at home with the two boys!!!! First time I've left Ezra overnight and he did great - took the bottle fine and behaved very well for daddy! The boys went over to our friends the Beans house (Janet was also on the retreat with me) Fri night and then met up with a couple dads and their kids at the park on Saturday. As soon as it was over, we headed south for a gathering with the Daley fam.

Also, last month, we went to the Long Beach aquarium with Sean and Ezra's great grandparents and cousins and to the LA zoo with our dear friends the Patricks. Here are a few pictures of all of these fun, fun, fun events! :)